What to bring to a pet photoshoot

So you've booked your pet photoshoot! Congratulations, I hope you get the most perfect images of your little (or big) bestie. But now you need to know what to bring with you to ensure you get the most out of your session.

Here's my list of 5 things you should take to a pet photoshoot:

1. Treats (of course)

Now this may seem like an obvious one, but it is SO important to bring treats with you so you can keep rewarding your pet when they're doing a great job! Getting your pet to follow your treat is a great way to position them in the perfect spot!

2. A lead or way to keep them under control

No matter how well trained your dog is, I will always recommend that you bring a lead with you just in case. A photoshoot may excite and overwhelm your pet causing them to be a little harder to control . Having the safety net of a lead means your photographer can get your pet where they need them no matter what. Oh and don't worry about the lead being in photos: if posed correctly, your photographer will be able to edit this out!

3. A favourite toy (bonus points if they'll run and fetch it)

Having your pet's favourite toy to hand is a great way to get some candid shots of your dog playing. If your dog likes playing fetch or loves to chase a ball, then this can be great for getting action shots like this.

Not to worry if your dog doesn't like to chase things, you can get similar results with just using recall!

4. Water for your pet

Now this one is very important! Photoshoots can be hard work for your pet, all the running around and having fun can be tiring (usually more tiring than a normal walk) - so make sure you bring plenty of water to make sure your pet is hydrated on top form!

5. Fix up, look sharp

In order to get the best results from your shoot, in preparation you may want to consider getting them well groomed so they are looking even more adorable than normal. This can make such a huge difference to the end results.

If you haven't yet found your ideal pet photographer yet, I would love it if you would consider me and check out my portfolio here

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