How to take action shots of your pets

In this blog you can find some tips on how to get those sought after action shots of your pets.

1. Shoot manual

Having control over your camera and being able to change the settings to suit the environment and desired shot, is essential to catching in focus action shots that are correctly exposed. If you haven't shot manual before, then this is your sign to learn, it is probably holding you back! Check out this guide I made about switching over to manual Click here.

2. Shutter speed

Having a fast shutter speed is the most important part to keep your image sharp and in focus when catching your pet mid jump, this is because without a fast shutter, you will see motion blur in your image. I would recommend a minimum of 1/1000s to achieve this but if the conditions and your gear allow you to shoot faster, then definitely do!

3. Continuous mode

Using your camera's continuous mode allows you to shoot more images within a small period of time, this means you can predict when your pet will be in a good position and fire away, giving you a much better chance of capturing that special moment.

4. Get down low

A great tip for photographing pets, especially when taking action shots is to get down to their level! This will make such a huge difference to your final images by creating a more personal connection with the pet and the viewer of the image.

5. Practice makes perfect

Photographing moving objects can be difficult, especially when your subject is unpredictable. Don't be disheartened if you don't get the shot straight away. Keep practicing and review your images to see what may have gone wrong and you'll get there in no time!

6. Autofocus

Shooting in continuous autofocus mode will help your camera to 'yep you guessed it' continually autofocus which is definitely important when tracking a moving subject.

7. Still having trouble?

If you have used all of the tips in this guide and still cant seem to get it right. It may be because your camera auto focus simply isn't fast enough. Having a subject run directly towards you and continuously refocussing is one of the hardest jobs for you camera and it may just mean you're due an upgrade. If you're not quite ready to upgrade to a faster camera, you could try other types of action shots where the subject isn't moving directly towards you and you may have more luck.

These types of images can still look great! Try capturing them doing a trick, playing in water or track them while they are running past you instead of directly at you.

I hope you found this guide useful, now get out there and capture those images you've always dreamed of! Good luck!

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