Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you based?

I am based in Nottingham in the UK and generally most of my clients are in the surrounding area, however I am willing to travel for the right jobs. If in doubt, get in touch and I will be happy to discuss this with you. 

2. What happens if I lose my images? 

I would highly recommend backing up all of your images, in the case that you have lost your images. I keep a backup of all shoots for a 3 year period and I will be happy to resend them to you. 

3. How long do photos take to be delivered? 

After completion of the shoot, I aim to get finished photos to my clients within no longer than 7 days. All images will be fully edited and presented in a web based client gallery. If a 7 day completion time is not achievable due to the nature of the job, this will have been discussed before hand.

4. What camera gear do you use?

My camera of choice in most circumstances is the Sony A7iii, which is a full frame professional grade digital camera. I have different lenses that I will use depending on the situation and what the goal of the shoot is. In niche situations, I also use the DJI mini 2 drone. As well as camera gear I also have lots of equipment/props to help enhance results such as a lightbox, different lights, background sheets, diffusers etc... 

5. Do you provide RAW files to clients?

I do not provide RAW files in any circumstances. To me, asking for RAW files is like asking an artist for an unfinished painting. The actual photo taking is only a small part of the process and in many cases the later stages are when a photographer can really show their unique style. 

6. Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, I have full public liability insurance cover as well as having full insurance for all of my gear.

7. Can I buy prints from you?

Yes, upon delivery of your finished photo album. You will be able to easily scroll through and add the photos you like to be made into prints or any products such as mugs, t-shirts etc... This will then notify me so I can go through and check your order to make sure everything is in place before sending it off to a photo lab. The products will then be made and sent directly to you. 

8. What does a standard photoshoot look like? 

The standard photoshoot will generally involve a quick chat so everyone can get to know each other in order to feel more comfortable. This will include us discussing ideas and the structure of the shoot. If the subject is a person or group, I always start out with very simple and easy poses or candid photos to ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves. Once I feel that everyone is comfortable, we can start getting more creative with our poses and composition, depending if this is necessary for the type of shoot. It's very important for me as a photographer to ensure my clients feel safe and at ease during the shoot and I will do everything I can to make this happen.